Simple Analytics - Private Alternative to Web Analytics

In my previous post, I wrote how we at Grew create traction by building small tools. I continue with the same topic by presenting tools that we use in many of our side-projects.

Our requirements for web analytics

I often use analytics software such as Mixpanel to understand my users' behavior. But when we only need to measure some basic stats (visitor views, referrals, visitors per country) to validate if our solution is getting traction, I want to avoid tracking unnecessary data and implementing cookie banners.

As a developer, I value solutions that provide simple solutions to problems and are easy to install when creating smaller projects. The same goes for web analytics.

#3 Meet Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is a private alternative to Google Analytics and it's relatives. It doesn't use cookies so that you don't have to insert those annoying cookie banners on your site. You own all your data and can export it to your storage.

After plugging in the tracking script to your site and including your domain in the web portal, Simple Analytics shows your website stats in an intuitive and simple Dashboard view:

Simple Analytics Dashboard

Visit here to check Simple Analytics live demo.

Simple Analytics is my go-to-market choice in almost all of our early phase projects. Usually, if the product grows, we need to add other software to understand the user behavior more deeply, but Simple Analytics is the easiest way to quickly get the basic stats displayed to the whole team without extra layers.

Simple Analytics also supports (currently in BETA) events.

The Ethical Choice

I've been using and following Simple Analytics for a while and really like their transparent and authentic way of doing things and expressing their mission. Because the customer owns all the data, they will charge for the service. That's more than fair, and I'm one happy subscriber.

I predict that we will see even more similar software with an ethical angle for solving problems in the future. Simple Analytics is also a good example of a solution that is made by a hacker to hackers.