Kimmo Ihanus

I'm Kimmo Ihanus, a growth marketer with +10 years of experience in building, coding and growing businesses of all size and stage.

  • Currently working as Growth Lead at Cronvall. Responsible for growth operations and performance marketing

  • Co-founder at Grew and built Superlines, the GPT-3 powered Google Ads content tester

  • Spent over a decade consulting large organizations and startups as a Senior Growth Hacker at Avaus - the leading marketing and analytics companpy in the Nordics

  • Worked as a growth marketer at succesfull Finnish startup Yousician

  • Created a COVID-19 tracker app that led me to innovate pointNG technology - a location tracking algorithm that works securely in the browser.

I'm a big fan of crazy tech ideas. As an example I made - underground chat that works in the console.

Need help with your business and growth? Shoot me a message and let's have a chat.


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GPT-3 & machine learning powered Google Ads copy text optimizer tool
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This project went viral and was featured on HackerNews. ConsoleChat turns the browser's console into a global real-time chat. If you're browsing a site that uses you don't need to install any software - just open up your console and join the pit!
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