Rapid MVP development - launch a product with GPT-4 and Makerkit.dev SaaS framework in 2 Days

Time-to-market is now faster than ever

In just two days, I launched the first version of my GPT-4 marketing tool, Superlines.io. As a generalist with some coding skills and technical understanding, but an even greater imagination and relentless passion for building things, I consider generative AI to be a superpower.

The key to effectively using AI to create real, profound value is knowing the right questions to ask. While many people discuss how intelligent the AI's responses are, few showcase their own thought process in forming the right questions and applying it to the creative process.

For instance, when building Superlines, I purchased the Makerkit.dev framework, which provided the perfect foundation for the app. I then had a clear vision for the content and features needed for the MVP. By having GPT read the Makerkit.dev documentation, it gave me detailed technical instructions on how to extend the framework.

This same approach can be applied to marketing. By feeding business-specific data to the AI and leveraging my expertise in designing prompt inputs and outputs, I essentially clone my marketing expertise to create tailored analysis and content that suits my business requirements.

For example, I always want my growth hypotheses to follow a specific structure that I know works. When generating a blog, I allow the AI to read my brand guidelines, customer feedback, and tone-of-voice examples.

For those doubting whether AI can produce content with depth, the answer lies in how you use it. Like any tool, it's essential to know how to utilize it effectively and make it a loyal machine for your purposes.